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About Max Cakes

My name is Max Karas.  When I was 14, I introduced Max Cakes to the marketplace.  Max Cakes is a creation I developed after tasting a bakery item filled with ice cream on a trip to Chicago. After one taste, I thought I could improve on the concept and start a business selling my cakes at graduation parties and any other private gatherings.


Max Cakes is a gourmet donut ice cream sandwich made up of a delicious vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between a fresh long john donut iced in chocolate. It’s more than just a gourmet donut though, it’s an experience. I serve at parties complete with my ice cream cart wearing my old fashioned white diner’s cap. Max Cakes are hand crafted on site, one by one, for the freshest taste ever.  They have become very popular and the slogan is well known.  "Breakfast or dessert, you decide."   


I served over 15 events last year, and have since introduced several new items.  Including, warm cookies, maximum nachos, gourmet baked soft pretzels, and specialty Max Dogs served fresh from my new hot dog cart.   Please see the menu located on the website.  


Feel free to contact me for more details and pricing.  You don't want to miss this experience at your next party.  You won't regret it.   I look forward to serving you.   - Max 

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